I have always felt the best education comes from what we learn visiting other people and hearing their stories. I believe the worst holidays are going on cruises or visiting all exclusive resorts and thinking you are learning about another country or culture, unless being North American is another culture to you.

I have had the pleasure of living with a poor family in the middle of Mexico, having an apartment in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as well as living on the road across America, Costa Rica, parts of Australia, Hong Kong and part of China and most of Europe. I’ve also discovered what I believe is the best of all places: the provinces and the territories of Canada. Each place brought a story for my memoirs, and I especially love to share the funny ones.

I know many of you have been to exciting places and I encourage you to write your stories about them to leave behind. I also have friends that never ventured from our small town of Rocky Mountain house, who have just as rich a collection of stories to share.

I love giving talks about writing and how to start sharing your stories.


After twenty years of study on behavioural psychology and what motivates us, Layton decided to start putting his wisdom and experience into books. 

Story Telling

Layton is the Story Teller who brings a humorous look at a number of genres including business, sales, and personal development.