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Layton Park grew up in the shadows of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, near Rocky Mountain House, the most westerly fur trading post in a bye-gone era.

He spent his early years on ranches and farms in the area and developed an interest in his family history. In the mid-1800s a neighbour murdered Harrison Caton, Layton’s great-grandfather, near Bates County Missouri. Following the murder, his grandfather, with his two brothers and two sisters, headed for western Canada where they homesteaded in 1903, and where one cousin still farms.

Park was inspired to capture and preserve his ancestor’s experiences and began researching the family history. After moving to Vernon, BC, in the course of that research, Layton discovered the story of a Chinese miner who murdered Aeneas Dewar, a tax collector. When he dug deeper, Layton was amazed at the treatment of Chinese miners at the time and had the brilliant notion to combine the two stories. Kola, his first historical novel, is the result. Layton now enjoys writing in Kelowna, BC,

Layton’s fiction and non-fiction books are available in print and ebook versions from Amazon and his publisher. 

Layton’s Latest Book

Praise for Kola

Park’s debut historical novel is a ringing success! Based on family history Park has crafted a multilayered story full of memorable characters dealing with some touchy issues drawn with a clear deft hand. You won’t put this one down until you’ve turned the last page. ~ NM Bell

Layton’s Other Works

This book covers many of his motorcycle adventures up to his near fatal crash.  If you have a biker on your list of friends buy them a copy of this book, they will love it.

This parable is about a consultant, based on the work and experiences of Myrna Park and her company,  and some of the tools she uses to help businesses create a better culture, communication and effective sales strategies.

Originally published in 2004, this book details how to program your mind for success and has great reviews from all over the world.  This book reached number 6 on Amazon and a revised new release will soon be out as an eBook.

Funny and twisted short stories about everyday things around the house.  The wisdom Layton’s small children gave him, as well as his experience trying to keep up the house as a stay at home Dad.

Praise for Get Out Of Your Way

I have been a student of the mind for many years and have found very few authors that clearly make the connection of the mind and our external world the way Mr. Park has done. I strongly recommend this for souls that have had a problem connecting thought with their external world. ~ D.N. Dale


I have read some of the information before and have long been a student of the universal laws of attraction and love the new DVD the secret but this book is the first I have seen that gives a logical and clear explanation of why they work. Once my mind could see the logic it quickly adopted the understanding and belief that I could achieve the goals I desired and with-in days major goals seemed to appear from no where. I highly recommend the book. Good work Layton … give us more! ~ Jack


Praise for Communication Tools For Any Trade

A powerful story with ideas we will be able to apply to both our personal and professional life. ~ Katherine & Trevor Martin, HR Specialists

I’ve just read your book from cover to cover and just LOVED the ending. What a masterful weaving of DISC and consultative selling and how powerful the combination can be. ~ Fiona M Cattermole, CPBA, Cattermole and Associaltes, LLC, Denver, CO